Cisco Networking Security Training in Australia

With the CISCO networking security training, you have the opportunity to gain associate level knowledge and expertise that will enable you to secure the CISCO networks. The CCNA Security Certification will validate your skills as a professional capable of developing the security infrastructure for the CISCO networks and also equips you with the skills to recognize the various vulnerabilities as well as threats to the Cisco networks. You will develop the skills to mitigate these kinds of threats so that you can be an indispensable hand when it comes to solving network security issues.

The Cisco networking security training puts a great emphasis on the core security technologies in CISCO. You will learn how you can install security infrastructure, how to monitor the network security devices in order to ensure that they are well secured, and how to ensure confidentiality in the network connections. The Cisco networking security training curriculum also puts an emphasis on the availability of data as well as devices. You will build the competencies in the diverse technologies that Cisco deploys in its security infrastructure.

The training program equips you with the skills to handle diverse security challenges in a host of network devices including the routers, various networking devices, switches along with the appliances. You will master the core skills that you need to choose, implement and troubleshoot the security firewalls, the IDP/IPS Solutions and the VPNs in various networking environments.

Advantages of the Cisco Network Security Training

There are numerous advantages that you will derive by undertaking the Cisco network security training. By attaining this certification, you will prove that you have what it takes in terms of the associate level knowledge in order to handle network security issues and secure the Cisco networks.

The training is globally certified and recognized. By attaining the certification, you will demonstrate to employers globally that you have attained the skills that are required in order to develop a Cisco network security infrastructure. You will be trusted by the employers as someone with the training and expertise to recognize vulnerabilities and threats in the network and mitigate these risks so that the security of the network is not compromised.

The third and most crucial advantage that you will derive from this training program is that you will get hired by companies globally in order to solve their network security issues. The job of securing computer networks is one of the most demanded and also one of the best paying in the IT industry. Undertaking the Cisco networking security training is one of the best ways to secure a bright future in the industry and also receive higher compensations by employers.

Prerequisites for the course

Some of the prerequisites of the network training course is that, you must have a valid CCNA Certification or CCIE certification. You must also be very familiar with the various networking concepts including areas such as the Cisco router operation as well as Cisco configuration experience. The course is exam-based and at New Horizons Australia, you will find various innovative learning resources along with some of the best trainers in the industry that will make your learning process as effective as possible. The Cisco networking security training course is ideal for network engineers or even Telecoms support engineers.

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