Four Main Types of Back Pains

Contrary to popular belief that only the elderly are bound to suffer from back pain, even young adults, and in rare cases, children currently get serious back pains. This can be attributed to a number of factors including illness, poor sitting positions and even lifestyle. When one experiences pain at the back, it can be very irritating as well as inconveniencing. Worst of all, back pain prevents one from enjoying certain activities they love. To get rid of this, one must make an appointment with a specialist. When in this kind of situation, an individual could find out what solutions for back pain Chicago clinics provide for patients at the moment.

back pain Chicago

There are several types of back pains. These are:

Severe ache or pain at the lower back after lifting a heavy object, an activity, or sudden movement – This type of pain can lead to the following symptoms:

  1. Difficulty in moving which may eventually prevent a patient from walking straight or even moving.
  2. Pain that is concentrated on the thighs, buttocks and groin. It rarely goes beyond the knee.
  3. The pain can be dull or achy.
  4. Soreness when the area is touched.
  5. Short and painful spasms which feel a little stingy.

All these and more symptoms need immediate attention. A patient could find out what solutions are there for back pain Chicago has currently.

Lower back pain that occasionally travels to the leg, foot and buttock – This type of back pain:

  1. May be persistent and refuse to go away.
  2. Could get worse on the foot or leg than on the back itself.
  3. Can also get worse on one side of the leg or buttock.
  4. May get worse when one sits or stands for a long time. However, when one takes a walk, they are relieved.
  5. Sometimes is accompanied by numbness or a tingling sensation.

When confronted by this kind of pain, a patient needs to see a professional soon enough. They could find out what types of treatments for back pain Chicago clinics offer at the moment for pain relief.

Chronic Back pain made worse by given sitting or standing positions – The symptoms for this back pain may include:

  1. Chronic pain at the back that can nag one minute and be severe the next.
  2. Constant back pain that may take several months before subsiding.
  3. Pain that gets worse when one sits.

Whichever symptom presents itself, there is some amount of discomfort. A patient could check into the pain management clinic Chicago IL has today for pain relief.

Deep Ache in the lower back that gets worse when one walks or stands – The symptoms include:

  1. Pain that gets worse when one bends backwards.
  2. Pain that is relieved when one sits in a reclined position.
  3. Feeling of tightness at the hamstrings.

Back pain creates lots of discomfort. The good news is there is help when one seeks it. A patient could seek a back pain relief specialist Chicago clinics can provide.

Back pain may also be accompanied by migraine. A migraine is very painful and can even be life-threatening if not managed in time. This makes it necessary to seek help soon. When confronted by a migraine, a patient could actually look for migraine management Chicago programs existing in the city.

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