LA Caregivers: Care, Dignity and Respect

When life follows its natural course, there will be a point when everyday chores and routines start to become unmanageable. The onset of this may be very gradual or very sudden, if say this was the result of a stroke. For an elderly person and any immediate family or friends, this does not necessarily mean an immediate move to an old people’s home. It would be far better to use the services of in home caregivers and for the elderly person to remain in their homes, and not be subjected to such traumatic change.

in home caregivers
in home caregivers

An elderly person can then maintain a degree of independence and also dignity. LA caregivers can provide this to make your life a lot easier. A familiar face will appear every day to offer various forms assistance. Mounting problems with hygiene, bathing, grooming and toiletry will be sensitively dealt with by the in home caregivers. Using a cooker, moving a saucepan of hot boiling water, or even using a knife and fork may become too difficult or even dangerous. An in-house career will prepare the correct nutritional food. Poor eating habits can then be avoided and the health and well-being of the elderly person maintained.

A regular medication routine must be kept to. This means the right dose is administered and logged, any side effects are noted and reported to any family members or medical staff. It is quite possible that the elderly person would simply forget to do this.

Another essential routine is basic housework and chores. The in home caregivers will make sure that the house is kept tidy. All the common chores will be continued; laundry, changing bed linen, cleaning the house, collecting food, paying bills, and all those everyday maintenance jobs around the house and in the garden.

For an elderly spouse or partner, there will be a need for the occasional break. They will also feel reassured that one is being properly looked after if they do go away for a short while. Post-operative support can also be provided by very experienced aged caregivers who specialize in working with the elderly.

During the old age, there are a variety of ailments and problems that can occur. These could include stroke, advancing Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease (a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system), and possibly one of the most feared; Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Here the brain literally disintegrates steadily. This is accompanied by gradual memory loss, but it could also mean quite radical personality changes. A trained professional caregiver is really essential to support the elderly person as well as the wider family.

But entering this stage of life does not necessarily mean everything stops. Walks in the parks, or a drive around a familiar neighborhood could well bring back deep-seated memories. A stroke victim may have problems with short term memory, but their long-term memory will be perfectly intact. Socializing, familiar events, sing songs, and outings will all help an elderly person. This is far better than simply being left alone all day in a chair in an Old People’s Home, with only a blaring TV for company.

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Finally, for aged caregivers that are desperately trying to give support and help to their spouse or partner, there is now real support.

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