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An accident or a medical problem can happen to any of us. Most medical practitioners are totally professional, and we will get the treatment we need. However, mistakes are made and the consequences can be serious. The wrong medication may be given. This could be down to a change of doctor. There was a delay in treatment. The over all treatment was not appropriate. This list could go on and on. Problems could arise with your local doctor, or general hospital. There may be faults in geriatric or psychiatric care. At first individuals could be totally overwhelmed and confused. It is imperative that they seek professional outside help as quickly as possible. In the State of Tennessee, Brian Manookian is an experienced trial lawyer in this field. He, and his team have the necessary expertise to undertake any action that might be needed to get compensation and redress under the law.

Existing Law

Under Tennessee law, a lawsuit can be filed against any medical professional who is negligent, and due compensation given to an individual and or a family. Brian Manookian and his law firm, is there to help individuals steer their way through what could be a very complex legal maze. For example a large hospital, insurance company or a pharmaceutical concern, will have a full battery of legal aid to help them. Compensation could be high, especially if there is long term rehabilitation to take into consideration. They will be less than pleased if their reputation is tarnished and the case gets media attention. Brian Manookian will make sure that any case is 100% water tight, and all legal matters have been properly looked at. That the evidence is there. Also the case will proceed quickly and professionally.


This could also be a concern for anyone taking up an action against a large medical organization. Initial consultation is free and payment will only be made to Brian Manookian if the case has been won. Be assured that Nashville TN Medical Malpractice Attorneys have the experience to take on your case. Litigation can be complex, but this law firm has had expertise in taking on difficult cases and winning. The defendant may well have to pay a maximum payment settlement. Failing that, the case will be taken to a court trial. See more: CM Trial Lawyers

Auto Accidents.

This can happen to any of us at any time. It could well happen in a split second of time. The Nashville Auto Accident Attorneys are there to help. It is the case that those people that have been represented by an attorney do stand a chance of gaining greater compensation.

If possible, if you are involved in a accident, please remember the following:

  • See a doctor. This will help with later insurance claims.
  • Record all you can on a smart phone.
  • Cooperate totally with the police. Do not claim liability. None of that would be clear yet.
  • Ask onlookers if you can for their account.
  • Retain an attorney first before dealing with any insurance companies.

Truck Accidents

Again contact a legal firm like Nashville Truck Accident Attorneys straight away. If you work for the trucking company, they will send their investigators to the accident site very quickly.

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